"Who gives a fuck about an Oxford comma?"


Suddenly, there is a great rumbling.

Over hill, over dale, through forest, through fog, they come. Some walk. Some fly. Some crawl. Some simply move deep within the bowels of the earth. They are massive in number, terrifying in their fury. They blot out the sun from the grass below. They nearly shake the earth from orbit with their rage.

They are the English majors. 

They give a fuck about an Oxford comma.

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André Rieu - And The Waltz Goes On (composed by: Anthony Hopkins) | YouTube

André Rieu – And The Waltz Goes On (composed by: Anthony Hopkins) | YouTube

View the original here: http://ltaa.eu/1gFEOII

A great youtube video by André Rieu: André Rieu – And The Waltz Goes On (composed by: Anthony Hopkins)

André Rieu & His Johann Strauss Orchestra performing “And The Waltz Goes On” in Maastricht. A Waltz composed by Sir Anthony Hopkins. Taken from “André Rieu – Under the Stars. Live in Maastricht 5.”

For tour dates visit: http://ltaa.eu/1gFER7u


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Groenewegje | Flickr

A new Flickr Favorite by suasso

Source: http://flic.kr/p/nanYgP

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14-18 Nederlandse Oorlogsverhalen | Geschiedenis24 | Link

14-18 Nederlandse Oorlogsverhalen | Geschiedenis24 | Link

14-18 Nederlandse Oorlogsverhalen | Geschiedenis24 | http://ltaa.eu/1il2Wku

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Elephant King (Full Episode) | YouTube

Elephant King (Full Episode) | YouTube

View the original here: http://ltaa.eu/1hviAtI

A great youtube video by Smithsonian Channel: Elephant King (Full Episode)

Mayhem is about to break out in Namibia’s Etosha National Park. Join ecologist Caitlin O’Connell as she unlocks the secrets of this Namibian elephant society during their ferocious battle for alpha position.

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Mark-Downs | Booking Through Thursday

Does the price of a book affect your decision about buying it? Do you wait for cheaper editions of books you want?

If I really want to buy a specific title, I will often not wait for a cheaper version.

However, when I am not that interested in a title, a higher price will stop me buying it, whereas with a lower price I will purchase this title.

I do keep a keen eye on e-book pricing: I find they…

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Hundred Waters - Cavity | Vimeo

Hundred Waters – Cavity | Vimeo

A great vimeo video by Michael Langan: Hundred Waters – Cavity

Hundred Waters – Cavity / OWSLA Records / 2014 / 4 min / HD / Stereo

Album out May 27th | OWSLA http://owsla.com

Director: Michael Langan
Producer: Najeeb Tarazi
Executive Producer: Nick Read
Makeup / Hair: Nidia Alire
Assistant Camera: Stephen Lucas
Grip: Lucas Pitassi


[this is an…

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