42 is the answer | Flickr

42 is the answer | Flickr

Expedition 42 crewmembers, from left: Russian cosmonaut Elena Serova, NASA commander Barry Wilmore, cosmonauts Alexander Samoukutyaev, Anton Shkaplerov, NASA astronaut Terry Virts and ESA astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti.

Alexander, Elena and Barry left Earth on 25 September from Baikonur cosmodrome in Kazakhstan, the other trio will follow on 23 November.

Each three-person crew will spend around…

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Varenfotowedstrijd - helaas!

Varenfotowedstrijd – helaas!

Van oude planten en varens die uitrollen

Vorige maand heb ik een foto ingestuurd als inzending voor de De mooiste varenfoto van 2014 wedstrijd van de Hortus Leiden en de Nederlandse Varenvereniging, georganiseerd tijdens de tentoonstelling Planten uit de oertijd.

Helaas, mijn foto is niet verkozen, maar het heeft mijn interesse in varens wel een tikje vergroot!


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30 Days of TAH, Day 28 - Middle Segment Quotes

  • "Well I’ve already done it, haven’t I, Trick-Clock?" "One of us has."
  • The Nazi Bartender: “We have ways of getting you drunk.” and, as previously mentioned, “I don’t want no trouble in my place.”
  • "I ain’t the hobo princess! Just another tale attributed to me." "None suspected it was you." ""And you know how come, it ain’t me, who is the hobo princess?" "For the same reason I ain’t the hobo princess? Due to I’m busy being another person?"
  • "I robbed from the rich and I gave to the ground."
  • the whole joke in Moonshine Holler when somebody slightly accuses Banjo of being non-hobo born and he overcompensates telling them otherwise with Gummy in the background telling him to wrap it up
  • "The Adventurekateer distress signal! Broadcasting on a frequency only I can hear. Thanks laser hearing!" "I CAN HEAR IT TOO."
  • "Suffering Suffragettes!"
  • whenever the intro for a show stars and you can hear someone in the audience woo and the announcer goes “Yeah!”
  • "You make it sound like we’re arguing when we’re agreeing." "We’re doing both."
  • "Let’s give this gang their just desserts, and then let’s get me just dessert. Word play!" "Now you’re the most punch-able person in this room."

Amelia Earheart : elsewhen ipv elsewhere

Beyond Belief “I’m sorry, did I black out and ask?”

Captain Peebles “I feel you’re reading between lines I’m not drawing”

Colonel Tick Tock: Anywhen …

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Highland Park ISD reverses, drops ban of 7 books


(resigned sideways look) Ya think?

…So this is nice news. However: this has no affect on the situation that particularly interests me. Which means that I’m still… BANNED IN TEXAS!